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Seventh Realm

Seventh Realm

Formed in 1989 by Andrew Goldfarb and Frank Caruso to play the annual Quad Dance at Saratoga High School in California, the group went on to record throughout the years. They recorded the album “Leviathan“ in Goldfarb’s garage and would be the spring board not only for the group, but for the path they would take as their life’s pursuit.

In 1990 they got their first opportunity to record in a real studio. Caruso was then a student at the College for Recording Arts, when one weekend they snuck in and recorded songs for the album “Rhino Breath.” It was during this session their true musical direction was forged. Andrew Goldfarb’s theatrical lyrics and dark imagery set the tone. Caruso’s raw energy and progressive rock influences from Led Zeppelin, Rush, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and King Crimson were the palette that made up the sound. Drummer and engineer Mike Revell assisted in crafting and refining the texture from garage to finished product. Bassist Ryan Young and vocalist David Curtis brought elements from their bands into the  group and elevate the songwriting. Guitarist Mark Dickerson lended his virtuoso abilities and hard rock edge, while the horn work of John Caredio and Kenny Schick added a depth to the music.

Mostly a studio group, Seventh Realm has never played a live performance in 30 years. A variety of talented musicians have been part of the experience away from their more serious musical efforts. The joy of making music without the pressures of conforming to the mainstream is what attracted them. They include: Mike Schmeidt and David Perry of Vintage Urban Nothing, Tim Plicka, David   Horning, Ryan Hansen, David Rampley, D. Mungaray and Nino Caruso. Andrew Goldfarb can be seen currently performing his one man show called “The Slow Poisoner.” The many talents and multiple instruments played makes him a gem of San Francisco’s underground music scene.

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