NATIONRIZN ENTERTAINMENT provides a music production facility specializing in compositions for artists, film, TV, video games and other media.  Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, they are also affiliated with Skywalker Sound in the North Bay, as well as J31 Studios in the South Bay.  The producing, writing, arranging and orchestrating team of Frank Caruso, Jerry Ososkie, John Caredio and Kenny Schick have been together for 30 years, and have worked on over 50 albums.  They can meet the needs of any project’s scale. Janet Ketchum, head orchestra contractor, has worked extensively at Skywalker Sound led by head engineer and producer Leslie Ann Jones.

Sierra Nevada Festival Services is another division of Nationrizn that assists artists in the organization of their live touring.  Providing a wide range of services from tour management, to full band accompaniment, while also assisting music festivals, concert promoters and planners of corporate events with resources, staffing and production services.  They have co-produced the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival for over a decade with founders Warren Smith and Gretchen Franz.