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Nationrizn Presents: The Sultans of Soul

Nationrizn Presents: The Sultans of Soul

The “Nationrizn Presents: The Sultans of Soul” is a live musical experience that transports audiences back in time. Led by the voice of GC Cameron, former lead singer of The Spinners and The Temptations. Unlike other Motown review shows, you hear the hits sung by someone who was there during that musical era of magic.

Cameron put Motown on the map in 1970 when his song “It’s a Shame” became the label’s biggest international hit. Written and Produced by friend and collaborator Stevie Wonder.

Joined onstage by his band, the Sultans of Soul, led by former member of the Temptations Frank “Fantom” Caruso. Capturing the Funk Brother’s original sound, and the groove of legendary bassist James Jamerson is the prime directive. As a member of the management and production staff for The Temptations, The Four Tops and The Supremes, Caruso brings with him the same high standards in concert production and event organization.

Originally from Mississippi, his family moved to Detroit where he joined Motown. When they moved to the West Coast in the early 70’s, GC would follow. Inside the Motown family as the brother in law of Barry Gordy, he released the song “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” which was featured on the movie Cooley High, and later remade by Boyz II Men.  He lived with friend and mentor Marvin Gaye, and would craft his life story: “From the Cotton Fields to Beverly Hills.” The many projects and musical works over 50 years has made Cameron part of the Motown fabric, and a prime candidate for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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