Nationrizn is not only a new band from the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s also a movement by a coalition of veteran artists and musicians who have come together through the integrity of music. The flagship group for the company Nationrizn Entertainment is united on bringing quality song writing and recordings, performances and entertainment to the world. The self-titled album “Nationrizn” should be ready for release in the spring of 2017.

Labeling them would be difficult as their music spans the gambit of genres and incorporates the many strengths and talents of its members. Leading the way is the California Reggae crew Dub Nation, along with front man GC Cameron, and vocal trio Luqman Frank, Kimiko Joy and Omega Brooks, their image is not drawn up by executives, their sound not recycled by major record labels. Their dedication is in the expression and creativity of their music to become a powerful force in the industry.