GC Cameron is best known as the voice for legendary Motown groups, The Spinners and The Temptations. A veteran of fifty years in the music business, Cameron is still going strong today.

In 2012, he joined the reggae group Dub Nation and performed at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival dazzling audiences with hits “It’s a Shame” and “I Wish It Would Rain.”

The pairing of Cameron and California Reggae group Dub Nation has produced an interesting sound of Motown and Roots Reggae. Their two releases together “Tuffer than Tuffist” and “Rising Force for Change” have all the elements of the past mixed with sounds of today.

Originally Cameron was born in a small township in Mississippi. In 1955 his family moved to Detroit, Michigan the birthplace of Motown. After a Stint with the Marines, which included service in Vietnam, Cameron was chosen by The Spinners to become a new lead voice in the group. In 1969, Motown producers found The Spinners more interesting with GC in the fold, and heavyweights like Stevie Wonder started writing and producing for them. Wonder cut “It’s a Shame” only to have it put on ice by Motown for a whole year after it was recorded. On June 6th, 1970 “It’s a Shame” was released and Motown watched it rise to number 14 on the pop charts, becoming The Spinners biggest hit to date. Follow up singles were undercut by poor marketing and under promotion by the label.

As Cameron moved out west to Los Angeles with Motown, he released the song “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” in 1975 which also served as the theme song on the soundtrack to the movie “Cooley High.”

After countless solo albums and several years of battling the entertainment industry, he returned to the church in Mississippi as a preacher and a radio/TV host of gospel programming,

In 2000 GC Cameron would reunite with The Spinners and tour with them around the world. After 2 years, he left the group to concentrate on his new solo album “Shadows” which was released in 2004 on his own label Deqajacc. While working on “Shadows”, The Temptations offered him a position fronting the group. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Growing up with Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin, GC would carry on the tradition of soulful vocals in memory of his dear friends.

In 2007, contract disputes over royalties for his performance on the Grammy award nominated album “Reflections,” caused GC to leave The Temptations and return to his solo career once again.

Many friendships were forged during his tenure with The Temptations, including musician/producer Frank Caruso who was a tour manager and sound engineer for eight years with the group.

With guest performances by the Temptations musicians in the studio, Caruso and Cameron finished “Rising Force for Change” and released it to critical acclaim. As Dub Nation was retooled to feature Cameron’s authentic Motown sound, the group continues to tour venues and create new music. The latest of their collaborations “Tuffer than Tuffist,” continues to push the envelope of the genre, and takes you full circle around to Motown and R&B as one of reggae music’s original influences.