What Kenny Schick brings to his song writing and composition that differs from other song writers is his vast experience playing in a multitude of genres ranging from jazz, punk, reggae, country, blues, classical, and rock. His voracious appetite for all forms of music has kept him a desired live and studio musician for over 30 years, and has yielded him 5 albums of his own eclectic material.

His latest album, SHUFFLE, is a retrospective spanning over a decade and, as it's title suggests, moves unapologetically between songs/approaches from his past 4 albums and mixes those songs with brand new ones to provide an eclectic, yet oddly cohesive, 18 song 'gallery of sound'.

Kenny spends his time tirelessly playing music and refining his art, recording and producing for other artists, as well as recording all his own music. He plays both sax and guitar live with many local bay area bands such as Dub Nation, DubFX, Guilded Splinters, The DB Walker Band, Jay and the Po Boys, and ArtemesiaBlack, as well as presenting his own solo acoustic shows.


You can view his history, acts he's worked with over the years, albums and photos at: